Bring Your
Audience Together.

Build a Thriving Community - Without Becoming a Babysitter.


From Passive Followers
to Active Participants

Enable your audience to Meet, Learn, and Network in intimate roundtables through structured professional live sessions.

Something happened to Social Platforms.

There was a time when the internet promised to connect us all but over time they started prioritising superficial interactions for likes and shares, losing the essence of community for commoditized connections. We lost more than we gained, trading deep bonds for endless scrolling.

This is why we built Roundtable - The Creator First Community Platform.

We were there too, we had our own chat community, and oh boy, it consumed our time and soul, sucking so much resources, moderations, management and for so little returns.

We believe that the future of online communities belongs to Live Social Interactions - those mirror best real life social interactions.

We build a platform where YOu can allow your audiences to come together.

And no, it's not another tedious chat platform. tbh, We actually didn’t even add a chat.

We solely focus on small, intimate guided group interactions - mirroring real-life connections.

Our Promise:

  • To Empower Creators: Creators are the diamonds of the internet, not social media platforms, that’s why we believe that you should own 100% of your community, since day one, and forever.
  • Unparalleled Growth and Revenue: Roundtable experiences drive audience growth, engagement, word of mouth, and unlock new revenue streams, and you can simply continue doing what you are best at.
  • No More Community Babysitting: We handle logistics so you can concentrate on creating great content and providing value to your audience.
  • To Prefer Meaningful Connections: No more social feed silos. No more dull chat servers, Just real, live, intimate interactions - true opportunities for deeper connection.We value deep interactions over numerous shallow ones.
  • From Followers to Participants: Roundtable transforms followers into active community members. A platform where engagement is personal and interactions meaningful.

Start delivering More Value to your audience And immediately see the Returns!